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Imagine how may little things, a single thought, a simple action, a few words in a speech, an accident in a laboratory, have achieved the miraculous. If we look at achieving World Peace on the International level in one brilliant swoop, either it’s a religious belief or it’s not realistic, and we will lose hope.

World War I, “the war to end all wars”. With good reason, 17 million deaths, 20 million wounded. That is more deaths than the entire population, man, women, and children of New York City or Chicago or Los Angeles. Well over 20 various treatises were signed between WW I and WW II, to prevent another war. They all failed.

World War II, had around 80 million casualties, including deaths from disease and famine. However these number range widely, some estimate China had 50 million deaths. But a total rough official estimate of military and civilian deaths in WW II is over 40 Million Military and 40 million related casualties. Larger than the populations of Canada, Australia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia.

One estimate of all war deaths; 381 million. Imagine how many potential; Mozart’s, Leonardo Da Vinci’s, Einsteins, Henry Fords, Mother Theresa’s, Angelina Jolie, and on were murdered before they blossomed, never to contribute their genius to the world.

You can, I can, we can begin a step toward World Peace today. World Peace will begin with individual peace. A mind without anger, hatred, prejudice, lust, and fear. A mind really void of these things will be contagious, your inner peace will be obvious and people will want it, now.

Buddhism has many methods of training the mind. I always say Buddhism is more a psychology or philosophy than religion. If you are a Christian and can imitate Christ, be filled with the Holy Spirit and maintain this with introspection and practice, this may be another way. I’m sure many religions, and secular sources have other methods to conquer the Monkey mind. But it must result in compassion, love, respect, and kindness without any division, or preference. All peoples being your brothers and sisters in equanimity. It will require daily work, likely for years to grow as a giant shade tree for others to rest under.

We CAN have World Peace, starting as a little seed, but growing to cover the earth. I am retooling myself with another reading and real study of “How to Practice” by the Dalai Lama. I don’t want you to be a Buddhist, but his book will give you many practical exercises as you continue practicing your own faith.

moving toward peace….peace to all, my brothers and sisters…

love child



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