Just War Theory and Pope


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I’ve been reading the Pope is actually considering dumping the Just War Theory within the last month. What if he said all war is unjust?

Does it really matter? I don’t think it would affect American foreign policy at all. Most Presidents seemed to have there own Just War Theory, and don’t follow one created by Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, the Catholic Church, or adopted by the United Nations.

Frankly, they are too arrogant to care; being influenced heavily by big money from Arms Manufactures, directly or indirectly. Also American thought of it’s exceptionalism appears to excuse it from playing by any rules but the ones they make at any time.

President Obama last week announced he was releasing the ban on selling arms to Vietnam. Thats nice. They won’t be buying them to feed their people or build schools, but to kill people with. At least they believe that it’s a possibility.

Peace is Possible – Beginning with internal peace.







Published by: Jim Kirk-Wiggins

I don't like the ordinary but the extraordinary. The greatest thing is learning...well now it is. 2nd greatest think is I-Tunes Univ. I am retired warrior and public servant. Currently I'm establishing my next career as a Writer of Fiction, blog commentator, and Twitter truth enforcement.

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