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peacepic1 070216We mentioned earlier, and quoted the Dalai Lama that there could be no World Peace without internal or personal peace.

Unless you are a student of Buddhism you may have some comments on that, like; “how can I have peace around here”, “amen to that”, “easier said than done”, “have you met my mother.” Etc.

Buddhism is about having peace and relief from the various sufferings we all experience in life. I’m not qualified, nor do I believe I could do you justice by an explanation of what Buddhism is. But one thing, it does not have a supreme being we all worship, we do not worship pagan gods, statues are not idols but reminders, we show reverence to Buddha for his teachings not his personal holiness. In my perspective it’s a manual for a human stuck in this existence, and how to get out. Here are few beginner books to get you started. Or go to the Dalai Lamas website for free teachings.


                                             Books by the Dalai Lama




This subject is a prime number in Buddhism. My meditation is my thoughts and analysis on this, not necessarily sitting cross legged and back straight, but a continuous thought process moving around my house. I could be absolutely in error here, and if so I hope someone will enlighten me.

This is written not for the novice, that was my purpose of recommending the above books. I study mostly Tibetan Buddhism, the middle way. Much is said and wrote on the SELF and the I.

Speaking pithily there is no “self” or “I”, rather than a nominal or sort of mundane self in our existence. This is called Selflessness for the time being. Our body exist, with all the senses, we have a brain, see, smell, think and we are conscious. Our brain thinks, we protect ourselves, and provide for ourselves. We are really here in this “conventional” world.

However, our brain and consciousness I believe over time, prior to the SELF, maybe only a few  minutes or happened instantly, but in trying to accomplish the human instincts, DNA, hormonal, and survival challenges was looking for an edge. It created a pretend friend, that has come to be known as the Self or I. Similar to Freud’s Super Ego. This inflated view of the individual was seemingly just the right solution. It could build a person’s courage up, dispel fear, find companionship and made the human feel so substantial he gave himself a name and that caught on too. But subtlety it created suffering, murder, wars, hate, lust, jealousy, and anger. And more. We deal with each of these individually today, not realizing all of these negatives come from one source, the I or Self that are not. Shakyamuni Buddha figured that out over 2500? years ago.

There is controversy over the last sentence {When} but not now. He said our human suffering was caused by our ignorance. Not knowing the true nature of things and ourselves. Remember I said “No Self”, “No I’.  Finally, I’m at the point of my meditation beginning.

The “Self” is not always exposed, you must be mindful and aware to when trouble shows up. Thus I considered what are some markers or indications that the “Self” is at the point of making your life miserable, if not now eventually. Some of the Markers that came to my mind, I’m sure I will come up with others, but this is a good starting list.

  • I AM. We ask who are we at times. But when our identity grows to the point of I AM….We are building up a version of ourselves based on many things. The Self is defining Self.
  • MINE. Little toddlers say this so this is a quick leap. Instinct, survival? Yet this at an advanced stage becomes a monster. Self claims what it wants, what is hers, and this is often the root of hate, anger, lust and other afflicted emotions and clinging emotions.
  • I WANT. Possibly the beginning stage of MINE, and maybe rooted truthfully in “I NEED”, something, bubbling up from DNA, Hormones, Survival Instinct, hunger and other real needs. I WANT does not have need in it except psychologically possibly.








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