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know thyself matrix

In the preceding blog entry “Peace Through Buddhism”, we were pointing out markers or indicators of the Illusions of Ego or my imaginary friend, “I”. Much of what we believe is true is similar to the illusory world of the movie “The Matrix”. Don’t run with this thought though. The reason; our conventional world on the basic level is an illusion of the “I” or ego we see everything through.

Persons who have very strong cultural, religious, or political beliefs filter everything through their belief system, regardless of the true applicability. The “I” and many other influences, filters everything we see or think through it, while others are doing the same. The “I” has you brainwashed into believing it’s conventional world view and it REALLY EXIST!  The person exist, body, senses, brain, self-awareness. The constructed “I” is an illusion within an illusion. It’s products; hate, anger, greed, lust, violence, war and other afflictions we bare are also illusions. Thoughts, feelings, emotions are like fairy dust. If the constructed “I” is an illusion then what it produces are illusions.

The Greek phrase over the Delphi temple read at the entry point. “Know Thyself’. The following markers are to help us identify when the self or I is taking charge.



  1. I WON’T and I DON’T. The self is in charge; it makes its own rules. “I do whatever I want” it says through its narcissistic teeth. The imagined image of self has set its parameters, its line in the sand, often part of the basic identity it has created of itself. Self, must maintain its image, as it believes other see it also. Yet what are others really seeing?
  2. I WILL. This can be a marker whereas the ego is pushing its way through to maintain the self’s image, or to strengthen it. Yet it could be a nominal act of altruism, kindness, or empathy. The motivation and the origination only knows. I believe you should take a positive outlook on any kind of kindness without looking for deception. The act has two effects at least. On the receiver and giver. Motivation aside the receiver has been assisted.
  3. I HATE. This sort of speaks for itself. Yes, it’s an illusion produced by the illusion “I”, yet it has had so much power to create chaos, war, and suffering. Think if everyone addressed this emotion and recognized it for what it is, (nothing), analyzed it’s cause and let reason dissipate it. This mastery of this one emotion would bring us closer to World Peace than anything ever has, treaties, statesmanship, military superiority, or the United Nations; along with the following one.
  4. I LOVE. (Others) If we could just make a simple mind shift or decision for the future of the earth; I love all people with equanimity. You can love all people without agreeing with their actions or beliefs. Just separate one from the other. People / Beliefs. Make no test, evaluation or filter to judge everyone. Love them because they are human beings. Recognize they have a constructed ego also that creates suffering and havoc. They are not fully in control of theirs just as you are not. If Christians followed Jesus example and words, not the old law, nor those who wrote after his ascension, and not the confused Church they would be following love and compassion. Besides, Jesus was a Buddha. Well, maybe.
  5. I LOVE. (Them) What is love of another individual? Romantic love. Attraction may be initially based on much ignorance, but what is love of an individual in which you love them as much as yourself. Your “I’s” seem to merge into one. I believe it may be the natural selves that merge, the phoniness of the “I” is quickly discarded by true open eyed love. Of course not in all cases, but that kind of love may be something else. Is true love a product of hormones, DNA, the brain, Karma? Or is “true love” a disease of the “I”, a rebellion of this narcissistic self and world view. Is there true goodness within each of our nominal selves that love is a crack we see in the wall of self we can escape through. The “I’ doesn’t give up easy, often “US” changes to MY or MINE, and your love  or other, becomes a possession of the “I”. Don’t let this happen. Stay in love with an individual, and don’t ever possess them.

So ends my short list of markers for the emergence of the ego or Self. Most of this is based on my understanding of Buddhism from studying for over ten years and my meditation on this. If you try to argue these points based on Psychology, such as Id, Ego, and Super ego of Freud, you are talking about a different animal. Or modern Psychology or Pop Psychology of our identity, need for purpose, understanding self, again you may be talking about a different animal. To see where I am coming from on this Buddhist Meditation of mine, you would to need to learn about Buddhism. Go to, or Audible and get any book by the Dalai Lama and you can’t go wrong. Or go to his web page The books in part 1 are good beginner books.

We will look further at the human animal in my next blog entry. Because World Peace must start with each individual.


If we could just make a simple mind shift or decision for the future of the earth; “I love all people with equanimity.” And you can love all people without agreeing with their actions or beliefs. Just separate one from the other. Then Peace is Possible.         Jim Kirk-Wiggins





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