“Stranger in a Strangeland”

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I’ve changed much as I move on. What I found so enjoyable, fun, and interesting changed. My deep private, political, and religious beliefs changed. It is so dramatic that I feel disassociated from who I am supposed to be, who I was, and how people have labeled me. I do feel like a stranger in a strange land, my home land.

This blog isn’t about me, but about Peace. The western culture has invented a happy pill for its people. They have created contentment through mesmerizing their populations with junk culture. ( I like that term Junk Culture. I hope I just created it.)

Is it a great conspiracy by the illuminati, CIA, NSA, or some other secret order? I really doubt it. It may have been nudged in the right direction by some power brokers to support their agenda over time. Which is actually bad enough? We aren’t oppressed, big brother is watching but I think he’s mostly watching TV, since things are going so well for THEM. Radicals and malcontents aren’t imprisoned, it’s just people are too absorbed in the Junk Culture to realize it’s all just a Matrix and there is another world they are unaware of.

The world is at war continuously. Nations are spending trillions on weapons annually. People are hurting and in need in their own nations, but are ignored. In developing nations babies are dying from malnutrition and starvation. Not just babies though. Diseases long conquered by the west is a plague in some nations. Nuclear war is on a precipice, with massive death, destruction, and earth changing effects so close to the edge. Do people feel safe with that? They don’t care really. Too absorbed in their shallow latté and Big Mac lives.

Unless a great solar eruption and all electrical grids are fried, I don’t think it will change. We need revival!  Come Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and shake awake our world. Remove the veil so we can see our world, really know others and mindful of our lives.

Yet, peace is possible, one mind at a time. Make a difference in your own life and it will change your world. It may become a trend. Above all keep your peace and inner happiness. Don’t be a stranger to yourself.  Jim Kirk-Wiggins.



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