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Why do people say we don’t understand how electricity works. It’s elementary; Electricity is a form of directed compressed energy at a molecular level.

Energy from a source, whether from cascading water, atomic energy, burning of carbon substances, movement rapidly of a generators armature across fixed magnets; either by hand energy or by energy of combustion i.e. ignition of gasoline within an engine that transform this combustion into mechanical energy through pistons, rods and shafts which change this mechanical energy to electrical and back to spinning mechanical turning the armature as mention above producing electrical energy.

The electrical energy directed to a single point and is actually compressed mechanical energy or natural energy from its normal state. Like the compression of other non-solid dense matter; fluids and air when compressed from their natural state, the molecular energy produced, always tries to return to its natural state. As compressed air when released the force dissipates as the air returns to ambient air. Compressed water through a water hose dissipates its energy at the release point and beyond until the energy is dissipated and the water drops to the surface in its natural resting state.

(another analogy is a resting bitch. She is in her normal bitch state waiting for her bitch energy to build to the point of releasing her bitchness on someone or thing and it also dissipates into its normal resting state.)

Back to electricity: As the electrical energy, current, builds up or compresses further at the initial connection it seeks dissipation to its normal state. Direct current electricity moves toward a ground where it can dissipate, after already dissipating somewhat in a light bulb or other dissipation device. Alternating current, alternates from a positive charge toward a dissipation point, lamp or other dissipation device. However, before it can fully dissipate the compression of its energy is halted and that energy is redirected to the other of two wires in alternating current circuits also toward the dissipation device, such as a lamp, the cycle continues never completely dissipating as long as mechanical energy remains to produce the electricity.

As you can see Direct Current from a battery or other reservoir is completely dissipated after illuminating the bulb through the ground, thus the compressed energy in a battery or other storage or reservoir must supply more. Direct Current normally coming from stored compressed electrical energy, and Alternating Current from the dynamic production of changing mechanical to electrical energy. They both end upon dissipation, no further mechanical energy available, or a battery has discharged all of its stored compressed electrical energy.

Of course, all this talk of energy production is happening at a molecular level as molecules which are in motion are forced to bang into other molecules where the transition of this natural energy into another form is taking place.

In conclusion; Why do we say we do not understand how electricity works when this appears so obviously how it works? © James Kirk-Wiggins


This same explanation of energy being transformed, manipulated, and dissipated can be applied to many things other than explaining energy. One interesting explanation using the same logic is the explanation of War and Peace.

Quickly and with simplification; Peace is actually the dissipation or normal resting stage of War energy. War energy follows this progression; Emotion, Communication, Resources and Money, Weapons, Emotion, Communication, Weapons, dissipation on target such as the enemy. Since this is a dynamic process and certain states of this energy can be dissipated prior to the cycle end, it appears to compare more with Direct Current in the long run, while certain stages could easily be compared to alternating current.

As with electricity production, progression to War is linear, not all components mentioned above may exist or be recognizable. Such as an accident, miss-communication etc. You can readily see where the linear progression begins at emotion (fear, hate, greed) it doesn’t always end in dissipation. Such as weapons waiting in arsenals, soldiers in barracks, missiles in silo’s.

The important thing to me seems to be that War exist as long as any of its production stages aren’t completely dissipated, and the beginning of the stage remains ignited. Peace again is the dissipated state of War.  Therefore, Peace is not possible until the linear cycle is dissipated and no longer being charged. It can be charged at any point prior to dissipation as long as the beginning of the cycle or stage; “emotion”, remains producing energy. We can disarm, sign peace treaties where the communication stage prior to the weapon stage isn’t dissipated at this time.

True Peace is possible only when War intending or potential emotion has been dissipated and in some way prevented from energizing. Philosophy, established world norms, or other greater compelling reasons. Here is the possibility. Begin work here.

Peace is Possible. James Kirk-Wiggins ©

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