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Peace, world peace, and efforts leading up to peace is our main topic, and reason for Peace Possible existence. The majority of post will be about the above. However, at times, our editorial staff, and board of directors (me) may wish to include other topics of concern to our online magazine. Why call it a blog when I can call it a magazine. Nevertheless, the stories reflect the authors personal opinion and not necessarily the opinion of Peace Possible Magazine.

Also if writers, journalist, amateurs, concerned world citizens wish to include an article on this site; send the story to us including your full name, telephone number, address, and current occupation. Also, a signed statement that; you take personal responsibility for the article, it’s truth, it originated with you or if you’re quoting someone, and you personally are liable for the accuracy, claims, accusations and all content in the story. You can use an alias or pen name, but we, me, must know your real identity and information.

Of course, anyone can respond on the comment forms without submitting anything.

So to my vast and growing readership, both of you, I just wanted to clarify because soon to follow will be an article not directly related to world peace.  Questions? Please put them on the contact comment forms below this and every article. You may need a WordPress account, but it cost nothing.  ©   Goto

Bye, Bye; James Kirk-Wiggins

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