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President Xi Jinping of China is hosting a multilateral conference in May. President Vladimir is scheduled to visit China in May. If the US President, Donald Trump also visits this conference a grand opportunity exist. “The Belt and Road” conference (interesting name), is a China initiative for global and regional cooperation.

The American, Chinese, and Russian leaders could meet as the Russian, British, and American leaders met during and after WWII. They could put the cold war to bed for good. End tensions between each nation, establish areas of common interest, and how to establish and maintain world peace.

They all three would have to discard their nations political past diplomatic nonsense and power struggles. This move would be very risky for all three of the most powerful men in the world. But the possibility of cooperation economically, politically, and yes militarily should be a very large carrot on a stick, for them, their nations, and globally.

All three are intelligent, willing to gamble, and swim against the current. This is the possibility I saw versus Hilary Clinton in President Trump and why I felt he had to win. Ms. Clinton would have been a diplomat of the twentieth century. Along with its do’s and don’ts and a track record of over 50 years of failure to create stability in the world. This possibility far exceeds the many domestic sacred cows currently being broadcast on our “free press” daily.

Relationships between the three aren’t cozy currently, thus they should all three cease verbal fire, consider the future of mankind with this Tripartite, versus various scenarios for the future with the Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) elephant in the room agreement currently. Cold War, regional wars, proxy wars, trade wars, for Pete’s sake, GIVE PEACE A CHANCE. You three world leaders could go down in history as the greatest leaders of mankind, or……


James Kirk-Wiggins, 2017 (c)




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