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The Doomsday Clock has moved two minutes closer to midnight. They blamed it on Trump of course. It entirely unscientific BS. Makes you wonder why money, resources and time are spent on it. Frankly, I don’t care if the Doomsday clock is 12:30.


However, I believe a Peace Clock should be instituted. I think we will use noon as the perfect peace time. It’s lunch time, a perfect time. So we started at 11am watching the clock for noon. The clock moved to 11:10 when Donald Trump was elected. He was a Washington outsider, not an apprentice of the last 50 years of diplomatic failure leading to world instability. Also he is willing to talk with Russia and deal with anyone. Our diplomats are usually frozen in the past, influenced by voices in their head (EU liberals) and Congress would much rather do nothing than something that may lead to a lost election. So yes; 11:10

When I, the inspired editor of bought a peace Lily and after writing a blog entry on the possibility of world peace in May if China, Russia, and the USA meet and forge Trade deals, Peace deals, and lunch.

What was amazing the next day my peace Lily had a bud growing to become a flower. I knew it was a predestined response to my peace article.

lily-background                            peace-lily-2

Then today after renaming the site I noticed further movement of the Lily. See it beginning to open up in the right picture. YES!  I’ve taken this to mean we moved 5 minutes closer to lunch, er I mean peace. It is now


I hope all believers in PEACE will buy a PEACE LILY. (House Plants add Oxygen). Meditate positively on Peace daily, send peace, love, tranquility to all beings, ex-husbands, managers, mother-in laws included. Even Iran and Islamic nations. We may have to kill them all but for now lets send them peace and love. (that was bad joke)

James Kirk-Wiggins (c) 2017




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