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This Blog was quickly becoming a political blog, not a blog promoting World peace. I apologize for my lack of focus. The many distractions of individuals, institution’s, corporations and governments had blinded me to the overall purpose, and what I believe is the only hope for World Peace.

The distractions above are not going to be defeated by my words. If Don Quixote was attacking the windmills, in the masterpiece, because of the growth of these unusual mechanical contraptions, and felt they were ruining his nation. That they were destroying his ideal; the beautiful vista’s, historical landscapes, vast beautiful ranches, hand built rock fences, and herds of pastoral grazing sheep. Believing these atrocious giants were a smudge on his panoramic and sacred homeland, with their noisy mechanical sounds, these obscene vulgar monstrosities, that lacked all respectfulness.

Then he would have been doing the same. He could attack one, but not destroy it. There would be another one in sight, and another and another. His delusions would perpetually produce the same impotent result. Failure. And others seeing his flair might copy, attacking as he was, also distracted by the trees, seeing only the illusion. Hoodwinked and bound, unable to see the true root of the problem.

America, while exceptional in many ways, has some deep inner reinforcement structures  stressed beyond tolerance maximums. It is becoming more apparent with time, and if awareness is not broadly realized and vibrant action taken immediately, then this American interstate is going to collapse.

The USA must undergo personal examination, introspection, one mind at a time, and then followed by a fervent secular and religious revival of our essence. To not do so, will  result swiftly into  failing institutions, and our once staunch character and personal pride, not narcissism, but innate respect, will seem to fade from our hearts. American’s  must raise a banner of honest and true respect and kindness for others and our own humanness,  lest we risk becoming a nation that would be unrecognizable as the USA, just a couple of generations past.

As the Dali Lama repeated recently, World peace begins with inner peace. This was the subject of one of my earliest blog entries. As said; “ Physician heal thyself.” We do not need to march, throw bricks, give fiery speeches, but to pray, meditate, seek God, find inner wisdom and guidance. Certainly depending on your path to a higher place and self. (if it’s a fundamental and narrow path in your view, then get moving along it.) More articles, blogs, opinion pieces, or sermons on exterior failures are too little too late. This patient is critical.

Whether your archetype of perfection is Allah, Jehovah, Jesus, G_D, Buddha, or Aristotle then study this perfection and don’t imitate, but become innermost to your upmost. Whether back to basics or creating new basics, NOW is the time to begin. INNER PEACE, You-define it, walk-around it, rest-in it, talk-it over with a higher power. Illuminate from it. 

I once wondered as I traveled in the military, how people living in very stern and repressive nation, without the basic freedoms, we revered, could laugh, smile, and look so happy. It’s because they were focusing on the forest not the trees.


Peace  –  James Kirk-Wiggins © 2017


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