Moment for Peace

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Will we let that moment pass?

I’m Buddhist, the blog is to explore and give news and events on peace. It’s been much politics, and I lost very good friend, who didn’t understand, I wasn’t supporting a person because I agreed, had similar politics, attitudes, or core beliefs. My cause is peace. I’m retired combat aircrew member. I was in Vietnam one year.

I am now Buddhist, know war, know technology and what it will do without real peace, not absence of war. I felt and still believe a peace triad between USA, Russia, and China can bring in an era of peace and prosperity for the earth. However, anarchist and Globalist don’t believe it can be done without tearing down the current power structure.BLACK HATE

I believe it can because of the profit motive for the Triad, President Trump is a businessman and will see the opportunity. Unlike the old order who are politically and financially invested completely in the status quo and will not change. George Soros is banking much chaos, and there are other forces at work who don’t believe or want peace. There remains a moment of time when true peace is possible, it is now, I’m not sure the enemies of peace can be overcome.

All people and nations need to look at people, institutions, parties, leaders, and traditional systems of belief. Challenge, question, all. Or this moment or open gate for peace will pass, and constant war, disease, starvation, will be the future. Namaste

James Kirk-Wiggins  (C)


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