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I recently watched a movie on called, “1+American Pastoral”. It was about how a family in the 60’s lost their daughter to the radicalization in America at that time. The daughter participated in some bombings, thus was in hiding also, the movie flashes back to when she was a toddler, it shows how a pretty upper middle class daughter became alienated from her family forever, how the loving father and mother both dealt with a loss as if she had died. Protest, riots, and bombings in the 60’s and 70’s shook America. It appears many of the elderly adults who lived during that period are trying to do the same thing today. They don’t want that to happen.

In a single eighteen-month period during 1971 and 1972 the FBI counted an amazing 2,500 bombings on American soil, almost five a day. Because they were typically detonated late at night, few caused serious injury, leading to a kind of grudging public acceptance. The deadliest underground attack of the decade,

Revolution written by the Beatles in 1968 came out amidst violent protest across the USA. Anti-War protest, and Civil Rights protest. They had the wisdom and foresight to see what was happening. Radicals accused the Beatles of betrayal.

1”We all want to change the world….
But when you talk about destruction
Don’t you know that you can count me out..”

The protest and riots were met with heavy handed responses from Police and National guard who fired weapons often at the rioters. America was much divided, from Korean War and Vietnam Veteran patriots, and antiwar and civil rights radicals. Civil Rights injustices had marginalized the lives of African Americans, however riots weren’t the method. The Vietnam war began with a lie, the domino theory didn’t happen, and the use of white phosphorous and napalm on civilian populations make Syria’s Chemical attacks look lame. Carpet bombing of North Vietnam, cost countless civilian lives. The North Vietnamese were also brutal in their conduct of the guerilla war, and many fine Americans sons died, or came home physically or mentally maimed.

The USA was divided. Before Watergate and Nixon’s own escalation of the war he stated:

3Nixon Promises to ‘Bring the American People Together’ After ’68 Win


Contrast today. When protest seem frivolous in comparison and at this point are about President Trumps perceived future actions. Complaints:

4”…they wanted to let people know that rhetoric-fueled violence against people of color, immigrants and LGBT people won’t stand, she said….”

“…to make a statement of political instability to render it difficult to govern, and in particular, to make it impossible for Trump to implement his policies in the first 100 day…”

“…are against Trump’s vows to deport undocumented immigrants.”

However these protest are primarily party politics, party positions, and extreme propaganda 24 hours a day 7 days a week. freedom of press a1

The media is fueling this fire, and when children become radicalized by their hate speech, bombings occur, riots destroy lives and properties they will share the majority of blame. There is no napalming today, no carpet bombing, Civil rights issues need addressing, but they are no worse than under President Obama for the past 8 years. This is a manufactured crisis. Planned Chaos and even revolution, per some’s words.

freedom of press a2The media in 2017 is owned by 6 major corporations. 90% is owned by these corporations consisting of 19 Billionaires. All of America’s major news outlets are. Even Fox, which gives conservative viewpoints, but if that’s not a guise it is a good one. Imagine if Pro-Trump supporters found negative comments on every news channel about their candidate. There would be an uproar. Fox placates for now, but owner Murdoch is a media mogul, who owns WSJ and the NY Post, which have been very critical about President Trump. Is there collusion among these 6, or are they just permitting their radicals run wild. Who knows, but they certainly are copying each other’s stories of Trump atrocities.

There also could be a corporate concern. In 1996 President Clinton signed the freedom of press a3Telecommunications Act which gave media exemption from antitrust laws, monopolization. At that time, there were around 50 corporations sharing media ownership, today 6. This law allowed this. One voice of controlled dissent; FOX, out of a dozen major outlets America gets its primary news from. Do the Media monopolies fear the Republican majority, and Republican President threaten their media empires?

Freedom of the Press allows us to read and hear dissenting viewpoints, so we can make intelligent and informed decisions about issues, candidates, and current events. Without an opposing dissent, which is dwindling and could be gone tomorrow with Murdoch’s pen, there is no Freedom of the press. No opposing views, no informed Americans. Americans can also see the absurd intended or not collusion of the anti-Trump media. Soon they will just consider the media irrelevant and abandon it. Which is a very sad loss of Freedom of the Press.freedom of press a5

The Supreme Court normally renders decisions on appeals from lower courts. However they are allowed to take up a case directly. This is a constitutional Crisis. The first amendment to the Constitution states:

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

The 1996 Telecommunications Act, passed by congress, signed by Bill Clinton has abridged Freedom of the Press by allowing only one voice to be heard. Not the King of England’s voice, Not The Government of the United States voice, but the voice of a group of corporations for whatever motivations. The Supreme Court should take up this crucial case immediately and break up these monopolies the way AT&T was broke up into many regional or baby bells.

Celebrities, the candidate who lost the election, Hillary Clinton, the democratic party, many sponsored by entities outside the US such as Globalist George Soros as in George Chaos. Money is everything in congress today. It’s buys your campaign, it buys your committee seat and chairmanship of a committee, all through donations. We cannot hope congress, who was heavily lobbied in 1996 to pass the telecommunications act, to act upon the fading of Freedom of the Press. If the Supreme Court does nothing, we lose everything.

Hillary Clinton ironically stated the following, which very much sums up exactly what she, her fellow travelers, and the corporate press are about:HILLARY

These days, she said, those in power are discarding reality in favor of inventing their own “alternative facts,” which, she warned, could lead to the beginning of the end of a free society.

“That is not hyperbole,” she said. “It is what authoritarian regimes throughout history have done. They attempt to control reality — not just our laws and rights and our budgets, but our thoughts and beliefs.”

She has made similar statements across the country at graduation ceremonies and wherever she can give her message of hate, revolution, and chaos.

If your children become radicalized against the US Government and you lose them and your family to violence, as in the movie “American Pastoral”; It will be the radicalization of hate by Hillary Clinton, The Media, and Democratic Party leaders.



James Kirk-Wiggins (c) 2017


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You say you want a revolution
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