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That’s not the beginning of the end

That’s the return to yourself

The return to innocence.

I really like their music or beat. It must be good if it can get me to dance on my deck at 4 am, being 66, chronologically and linearly. I’m retired and a night owl.

Duplicitous, I am, “I am. Henery the eighth I am, I am.” but my succeeding spouses were my duplicitous beliefs. I own/moderate 6 Google Plus communities.  A couple I created years past and have not been attended to, until recently. I was a Twitter warrior, primarily addressing politics, patriotism, corruption, and freedom of the press . . . My alias on Twitter were; Lil Teddy, Dr. Teddy, Prowl-owl, Agent Orange, and Agent Redrum et al.

Twitter recently began an editorial effort by censoring and manipulation of content. In my huff and puff and blow it up their 140 characters, I migrated to Google Plus.

I have a Facebook account too, but to me Facebook is where shallow people go to vacation. Also, I recently read that Facebook is planning to limit political comments with no family or community content. This was per MK Ultra Agent Jeff Zukerberg to improve Facebook for it’s members. Congratulations Jeff, you just made an insignificant social media, more insignificant. Should suit you well Sharon

Where was I….Duplicity. My Google duplicity. I have a community on Buddhism, and write affectionately about Buddhism, and being Buddhist. I have a Christian community, “Early Christian Church”, and write piously and fervently about Christianity, and the future of Christianity, and being Christian. Likely this will be my future focus.

My “World Peace” community is of course about World Peace, and President Trump. I’m not going to explain that here. LOL. Go to my websites http://www.peacepossible.org and http://www.onefreepress.net which explains in detail why I think President Trump, while not the Prince of Peace, may be our only chance for world peace. IMO.

My Romanian Pen-pal dropped me and hates me for this opinion. The loss of her intellectual stimulation, likely made necessary other avenues of expression. However, I have researched tons of web pages for  my Twitter and Webpage writings, and frankly I know far more than USA national news, or they are just playing dumb.

My C-130 Google Community is about 24 years of my incestuous relationship with the Prince Of Aircraft, the C-130. This being my primary career, a USAF C-130 Flight Engineer, will always be part of me. I was a Vietnam veteran, a warrior, patriot and my experiences on the C-130 are the great adventures of my life. Sniff, Sniff.

Thus, there is some duel personality conflict here, on my loving, compassionate, Buddha nature, and my renewal of my earlier discipleship of Christ. No duplicity in the macro here. Buddhism to me is philosophy, not religion. In fact the 10 years of Buddhist study, prepared me for my zealous, renewed return to Jesus. My Air force C-130 community is about my history, me at that part of my adventures. My warrior words and aggressiveness is but memory of that time.

I was 100% Christian in BB. Before Buddhism. I created an online Christian Sunday School and managed/created 6 online classes at one time, before Social Media’s rise, and skype. We pioneered online bible study, with eventual voice chat on the new medium. We were becoming a functional online Church. I received support and encouragement from the California based Southern Baptist Outreach Director. I was excited. Then for no other reason than a formality, or maybe it was pride, a lesson Christ knew I needed. I applied to be recognized by my county Southern Baptist Association, and membership.

My pastor, of all the members, refused my entry. Stating there were many local Brick and Mortar churches for residents. He didn’t understand, though I explained it in emails. I explained about a member with cerebral palsy in Maine who couldn’t even get down her steps, but always attended our online discussions. Or the many hurt persons by past Christian hypocrisy or negative experiences, who needed us, at least as a transition back to the church. My pastor, broke not only my heart but my spirit. I pridefully most likely, walked away from Christianity and this future elected head of the National Southern Baptist Association.

I cycled through various religions, Buddhism primarily,

In Part 2 of my recent Google Plus  writing on Faith, I will further explain this.

Love, James





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