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I once participated in an anti-abortion protest with a church group. We protested peacefully without incident at the state capital in Montgomery Alabama. I have no animosity for women who feel an abortion is their only choice, often it’s for lack of future financial support, or college or career or misinformation.

I do believe Abortion should not be used as an irresponsible form of birth control for a few reasons. The pre-aborted fetus develops much earlier than most imagine, with nervous system, pain sensory, and other senses. The cognitive ability also is functioning. The lie perpetuated is; it’s just a mass of tissue, not a partially developed human sentient being.

Another reason I feel Abortion is a barbaric approach to birth control is it has been proven, documented the psychological affects on women who undergo the premature birthing. It’s obvious most if not all women, subconsciously have regret, doubt, maybe shame that eventually surfaces and recurs.

The Female DNA, and primordial instinct includes one of procreation and nurturing. By far they have potential at least as much as men, I’m not trying to pigeon hole women’s life role or potential for greatness. This is not a weakness imposed on women but a blessing. In fact in many situations, I believe it makes women have a better potential for managing and leadership in people skills.

A woman can drink the Kool-Aid propaganda of the pro-abortionist, but I know women…some of my best friends have been women. I married one, I have a daughter who is a professional and mother. Many women have sensitive and compassionate hearts and don’t buy the, angry in your face, package, but do so out of desperation and the smooth allure of women’s rights, as if an abortion is almost like demonstrating you are a modern, free, and educated woman. Much of the pro-choice, stay our of my vagina, pussy hat rhetoric is politically and materially motivated. Currently the real message is Anti-GOP and Anti-Trump and 1% women’s rights. Trust me, I’m a genius.

Another factor, is a mans responsibility to either use birth control and inquire if the woman is. It’s not sexy, but trust someone who has drove around town looking for a prophylactic, because SHE said. The motivation will remain. If a man loves a sexual partner mutually, and both have conscious awareness of the possibility of conception is acknowledged. (thinking drunk as a skunk here) Then he and she have a responsibility to the blessing of life entrusted to each of them. A lifetime responsibility.

Alternatives are available, free birth control is available. Think about it now, prepare mentally, make a real choice.

Love, Jim


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