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Since the election of President Trump in November and his inauguration January 20, 2017 our nation has been greatly challenged internally. I believe more so than any time since the Civil War began April 12, 1861.

The election results in 2016 were challenged due to 1) Electoral College vs Popular Vote. 2) Big Media and Big Money lost. 3) It had been a contentious and highly emotional campaign. 4) Many “hot button”, and “non- compromise” issues were at stake.

Why did the electoral college determine whom the 2017 President was; It’s Constitutional law, and this isn’t the first time it’s happened. But why?

1 Historians have suggested a variety of reasons for the adoption of the electoral college, including concerns about the separation of powers and the relationship between the executive and legislative branches, the balance between small and large states, slavery, and the perceived dangers of direct democracy. One supporter of the electoral college, Alexander Hamilton, argued that while it might not be perfect, it was “at least excellent.”

(“Electoral College | United States”. Encyclopedia Britannica. N.p., 2017. Web. 1 Feb. 2017.)

The law is the law, and the electoral college for the 2017 presidential election is done, and not negotiable.

This election was highly emotional due to President Trump’s aggressive oratory style, and issues such as pro-life, nothing new; this has been a Republican issue for many years due to their connection with the religious right partially. Pro Life is anti-abortion rights and Pro-Choice is for the right to have an abortion. This is an old issue, but it produced a perfect storm with the congressional results, giving GOP control of both chambers, President Trump’s choice of a Supreme Court justice looming, and his very verbal Pro-Life position, that could overturn the 1973 Roe vs Wade decision, and the 1992 ruling that allowed abortion up to 23-24 weeks of the fetus life or even earlier. This issue was heightened with the losing candidate Ms. Clinton being for abortion choice, her close connection with militant feminist, and billionaire supporters who would give feminist a blank check to protest.

Another factor related to all the issues of the campaign and election of President Trump was the Media outlets unanimous, and coordinated opposition, which opposed President Trump to a most ridiculous extremism in their reporting. Nightly news was and is predominately anti-President Trump. While some issues reflect genuine concerns about policy, others are contrived, lies, and propaganda. It has to be a conspiracy of the media owners or big advertisers to have lock stepped the reporting to appear as in sync goose stepping. To say the media has a liberal bias is not enough to have produced this comic, but very serious failure of the American press to the people of the United States. Journalism may be the first victim of the 2017 election.

Of course, there are right wing news media, but have negligible impact and very low circulation. Radio media could provide more balance; however, it has not produced noticeable results. I wasn’t omitting Fox News, whose owner is Rupert Murdoch, who also owns the Wall Street Journal, a savage attacker of President Trump. Fox News is not balanced and is about the other extreme of every other television media in America. Since nearly 50% of Americans voted for President Trump their viewership must have increased greatly, as an extreme Pro-Trump network.

Abortion protest was the first wave of the attack, with quickly being followed by border control with Mexico, and deportation of illegal Hispanic immigrants. Very little truth and balance has been involved, again propaganda, suggesting some agenda, conspiracy, or even foreign agent involvement.

The Third Wave of attacks; was due to President Trumps executive orders; placing limitation on Muslim immigrants, increased vetting, and cutting off public funds to “sanctuary cities”

The collusion of media, feminist, black activist and leaders, and local and national politicians is astounding. If this is not a conspiracy then what is it; national hysteria fueled by all the above, or a combination of both. In my follow-up to this article I will suggest some consequences of this flood of irresponsible fools, that is a very real threat to survival of our democracy. Where to next, what will this do to our nation, institutions, and international influence. Also, what this has done to the American psyche where hate and anger is the predominant emotion of both the left and right, Dem. and GOP, and America’s leadership. There is no peace in America right now, and this may very well be the most important outcome of recent events. I strongly suggest religious leaders, political leaders, and ethnic and civil rights leaders call for calm, peace, prayer, tolerance and faith in America’s institutions and faith in a higher power.

God bless America.



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