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(Article reprint from June 2016)

The Trump justifies the end.


Thanks for responding non-aggressively. I had a blog entry previously with more detail about this, but removed it and other articles when I felt I was moving away from peace toward politics. Yet they intersect here.


The nation is in a great polarity of opinion now, much of it is angry, aggressive, and hateful. I’m old enough now, to believe what we feel is disastrous or full of hope, if someone gets elected is just not true. Disaster or Hope candidates, are avatars from a campaign narrative. Also a President is not the leader of the free world, not even of the United States. He/She is but one of many people and forces. The facade we put on for others, varies per relationships, but it’s never the real us, whatever the real us is. The facade a politician puts on is the same, always changing, never completely understandable, and usually totally incorrect.


I’ve did much research on all the principles who are part and, war, peace, wiki leaks, news articles from the early Obama presidency and Clinton State Department until now. Not that it makes me better informed or wiser than you or anyone. But effects my opinion. I can never say anything briefly but I’ll try to do so. (no promises):


My hope and only focus in politics is World Peace. I’m not a Trump, or GOP supporter. I support peace. The US State Department, Congress, Presidency and other Washington Bureaucracies, including both parties have procedures, rules, traditions, don’ts, and much written and unwritten policies on how we deal with friend or foe. Our Diplomatic, Military, Economic, potential  responses to: world events, nations, politics, under about any given circumstance is established.


We have an establishment, the worse kind of Bureaucracy, and it’s the religion of Washington DC.  Hillary Clinton, Congress, Media, and Money are part of this establishment.  Trump is not. Point 1. Hillary Clinton, (and all that is behind that name) doesn’t like Russia. She hates Russia, and wants war with Russia. Why? At least 2 reasons. 1) Her and Obama had huge plans to build a strong relationship with Russia, cementing an end to the Cold war, plus this accomplishment would have been so spectacular it would have propelled her to the White House.


2. Things went wrong with Putin. Why? Putin was fighting Russia’s Oligarchy, Clinton’s Russian Silicon Valley partners, and financiers. Also financiers of Bill Clinton’s speech to their fund — Maybe. Putin, hacked the US State Department, likely through Clinton’s lack of security, this enabled him to use the State department to hack the White House? Putin had hard evidence on Clinton illegalities, mistakes and embarrassments. As long as they are enemies, this is not relevant? 3. A woman scorned?



So Hillary is old school, will not make peace with Russia, and China for many reasons, some I haven’t spoken of. Trump, was not my choice for President, he is now, because in him is a chance for World Peace. It may have been destroyed recently due to Hillary and the Democrats hellstorm since January against Russia-Trump, Russia-Hacking, Russia-Syria etc. All made larger through agenda of the real Washington DC.


Trump has been crude, rude, and unpresidential at times,  his stance on immigration, Mexico, free trade, environment, women’s rights, LGBT’s, civil rights are cause for alarm for many. Go back to the top and read;  “what we feel is disastrous or full of hope if someone gets elected is just not true. ” Some of it may happen, probably not as portrayed. But if large portions of the world are destroyed or contaminated by a Thermonuclear war these things mean absolutely nothing. Thermonuclear war is coming, if it’s not dealt with.


Trump is an outsider, Washington protocol, diplomacy or tradition means nothing to him. He’s hard headed, egoistic and he will ignore it if it’s in the way of his objective. This is good now. He owes nothing to Defense industries, or politicians. He knows how to compromise and make deals. Which isn’t Washington’s way. Russia is suffering economically and needs relief. Currently Russia is a cornered rat.





We are going to have to be big about this whole thing. Russia has been acting like a rat. If we quit treating Russia like a rat she may become a partner of peace. China is not Communist, they are Businessmen. China and Russia can become equal partners in peace through negotiation, removing old obstacles, and sanctions, blocking peace. Trump would knock them out of the way if they stood between the possibly greatest deal in world history.  This is an agreement between the USA, Russia, and China to agree on methods, doctrine, and contingencies for REAL World Peace and that the use of Thermonuclear war is no longer an option, never.


These three nations can deal with any threat to peace, quickly, and likely without blood. They can begin doing this proactively after the blueprint of World Peace is in concrete. A political, economic, and blessing to generations for all three great powers.  Hate Trump, disrespect Trump, disagree on all issues with Trump, even think he’s a piece of ____.  BUT, Trump is our only hope for World Peace. The Donald justifies the end.



Jim Kirk-Wiggins



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